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Rmw Plastic Cotton Picking Packing Yellow Plastic Cotton Wrap Film

Yellow plastic cotton Wrap Film, It's an adhesive yellow film and non-adhesive film, both are used for cotton picking packing.
  • Width 2720mm 2700mm 2360mm 2250mm
  • Yundu

Cotton harvesting module wrap

It's an adhesive yellow film and non-adhesive film, both are used for cotton picking packing.

Product function : protect cotton, windproof, rainproof, frostproof, and avoid debris such as broken plastic from contaminating cotton.

Principle of operation: the product is compactly and fixedly bundled into a unit, so that the scattered small parts become a whole, and the product does not have any looseness even in unfavorable environments. Separate, sharp and free of sharp edges and stickiness to avoid damage.

Primary maintenance: The primary maintenance provides the surface maintenance of the product, forming a very light and maintenance surface around the product, and then achieves the purpose of dustproof, oilproof, moisture, waterproof and anti-theft. The most important is make the cotton evenly stressed to prevent damage caused by uneven stress.

Puncture resistant: The stretch film has strong tensile properties and large elastic tensile force, which can be tightly wrapped for any geometric shape of the product, and can avoid the damage to the product caused by bundling, and has good anti-loose, rain-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft and other effects.




  • 360° PROTECTION, over the edge coverage :Anti-Water & wind & dirty.

  • UV Protection and designed to last 6 months outdoors.

  • Plastic core.

  • Excellent puncture,abrasion and tear resistance ability.

  • Radio Frequency IDentification(RFID).

Every wrap portion includes 4 RFID tags to track the individual module through harvesting and processing,all integrated  with the electronics system of the JD On board Module cotton harvesters.

  • Recyclable,environment friendly.




Features of 5-layer co-extruded cotton film: 

  1. Mainly metallocene polyethylene, add a small amount of linear polyethylene, add color masterbatch in the middle layer, and add UV to the outer layer.

  2. With uniform ingredients, will be more beautiful than one-layer or three-layer co-extruded cotton film, with high brightness, strong tensile force and good flatness.

  3. The glue-containing cotton film will add glue during the film blowing process. The glue is mixed with the blown film material, it is a separate layer.

Wrap width: 106in.(2.70meters)
Roll diameter: 10in.(25cm)
Core length: 9ft.2in.(2.8meters)
Roll weight: approx.220lds(100kgs)
Wraps per roll: 24wraps
Wrap length: 69ft.(21meters)
Wrap portion thickness: 75mic
Rolls per pallet: 9rolls per pallet (216wraps per pallet)

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9rolls per pallet (216 wraps per pallet)


wrap film for cotton

Operational procedure


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