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FIBC Bag Manufacturers’ Requirements for Product Design
02 November 2023

Before designing bulk bag products, FIBC bag manufacturers must formulate the principles and methods of design requirements. Design requirements must be detailed and clear, reasonable and advanced. Detailed refers to listing all the design requirements as much as possible according to production sta

Precautions for packaging and transportation of ton bags and container bags
27 October 2023

Ton bag container bags are mainly made of engineering plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials, and are made through production processes such as drawing, circular weaving, cutting, sealing and packaging. Some ton bags also have a waterproof layer inside, which requires the u

Mining company inspection team visited our factory
14 September 2023

Thanks to the Chinese government for promoting trade relations between countries along one Belt one Road Initiative. We received letters of intent for cooperation from the largest mining companies in Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and dispatched a 6-person inspection team to our company for visit on Septe

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