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We are dedicated to provide excellent solutions for the protection, packaging of raw materials, agricultural products and industry, engaging in all aspects involved: the quality of materials, the best design engineering, process optimization, environmental protection, and having as objective the continuous improvement in our activity. Zibo is a professional Big Bags manufacturer, specializing in the production of Polypropylene Woven Bags and others

Know How to Make FIBCs and Packages

In the past 18 years, Zibo Yundu Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a fast growing manufacturer of quality  FIBCs , who located in the East Yali Industrial Park, Zibo, it covers an area of 15,680 square meters. Now we have 96 employees, 4 sets of wire drawing machines, 84 sets circular looms and 31 sets bag-making machines in 640 tons capacity monthly, The sales network covers 116 countries and regions around the world.

FIBCs Applied In Variety Of Fields

We provide an essential solution in agriculture,fishery, mining, buildings, petrochemical, food, Plaster/Cement, Debris, Forest, fertilizer, seed, Aggregates fileds to our customers, all knowledge, skills and infrastructure are focused on finding excellence in our Big bags,Flexitanks and other products.

Featured FIBCs Sales Network

We have sold our products uch as FIBCs for soil,transparent PP woven Bags to 116 countries all over the world. In which South America 51.8%, North America 21.3%, Europe 10.6%, Asia 9.8%, Australia 4.4%, Africa 2.1%. we have made Zibo Yundu an international brand, you can find our products from the button.

Latest News About Zibo

Mining company inspection team visited our factory

Thanks to the Chinese government for promoting trade relations between countries along one Belt one Road Initiative. We received letters of intent for cooperation from the largest mining companies in Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and dispatched a 6-person inspection team to our company for visit on Septe

Sales department representatives attended speeches by foreign trade experts

9th,September QingdaoForeign trade lecturer Mr Ye gave a speech in Qingdao.The venue was packed with more than 1,000 listeners. Zibo Yundu sent 12 representatives from various departments to attend the meeting. Mr Tu conducted an in-depth analysis of the current foreign trade situation and internat

The differences of cross corner loop and corner loops

Should I use Cross Corner Loops or At Corner Loops on your bulk bags?Corner loops are traditionally the preferred option for bulk bags. However, in more recent times the cross corner loop construction is much more common due to the functionality of the loop when manipulated.


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